Same Day Service on Most Operations

JTR Engines Ltd

Engine Recon Specialist
Car - Motorcycle - Marine - Plant


Cylinder Head Refacing


Valve Seat Cutting and Grinding


We supply Gaskets and engine parts for all makes and models, at less than Motorfactor prices

  • Cylinder Head Refacing for all types, Cast, Alloy, Inclined etc.
  • Crank grinding to size & polishing
  • Hot parts wash
  • Hot and cold cylinder head pressure testing
  • Mobile helicoil fitting service, glow plug and injector removal, often without removing the cylinder head
  • Cylinder head reconditioning
  • Engine block re-bore and honing
  • Full engine reconditioning service
  • Flywheels machined and lightened to requirement
  • Performance engines for the track and road
  • Performance cylinder head work
  • Multi angled valve cutting
  • Classic and vintage restoration
  • Valve Seat Inserts and Unleaded conversions
  • Piston & con rod fitting (Shrunk on Type)
  • Valve Guide Fitting Service
  • Valve Seat cutting & grinding
  • Valve facing
  • Most operations are same day service ( cylinder Head Refacing within two hours)